Bandage dresses - an absolute trend of 2021

Bandage dresses - an absolute trend of 2021

  We can confidently say that there is not a single woman who wouldn't want to change anything in her silhouette, looking in the mirror. To represent the figure in a favorable light, it is worth using a little secret, authored by the French designer Herve Leger. It was he who came up with the idea to create such a female outfit that would emphasize all female charms and hide, if possible, all the shortcomings. And this secret is bandage dresses.


For what occasions are bandage dresses suitable?

Such models, as you would expect, were liked by all celebrities. Today, such dresses are mandatory in the wardrobe of fashionistas.

Bandage Dresses are usually designed for special occasions:

  • cocktails
  • dance parties
  • social events
  • for high receptions

I must say that, in order to transform the figure, it is important not to overdo it. It must be remembered that bandage dresses must be strictly sized. Otherwise, if you have a size L and you try to wear size S, you will achieve the opposite result: the outfit will flaunt all your flaws.


Bandage Dress Models

Bandage dresses are made from special materials. In new collections, outfits made of elastic bands that are able to tighten the figure along the entire length often flashed. They are based on viscose, complemented by nylon and spandex.

Style with lace will make your look attractive and elegant. Lace inserts can be on the back, bodice, hips and sleeves



Models with a deep neckline and an open back look luxurious. Large slits on the neckline and the absence of sleeves will make a woman sexy.


A long sleeve dress will help create a stylish business look. The contrast of colors brings a peculiarity to the look

When creating bandage dresses, designers play with the color, size and configuration of the ribbon stripes. So they manage to achieve the perfection of the look and the attractiveness of the outfit.

Delicate pretty bandage dress is a hit of the new season. It is created of pink and white ribbons. This model looks great on blondes. Brunettes can take a closer look at blue, turquoise and purple dresses, and burgundy, red and brown models are suitable for brown-haired women.

In the current fashion season, cropped bandage dresses are very fashionable. Such outfits are wildly popular among fashionistas, as they can give a female figure charm and special grace. If we talk about colors, you can choose any option: light and dark, gold and silver, lilac and red, black and coral, white and green, orange and blue bandage dresses.

Models with a floor length - maxi, and medium length - midi will look also stylish.
Recently, fashion designers have offered an office version of bandage dresses. They have the same original appearance, but have more restrained colors and prints.

A variety of models will allow you to choose exactly the bandage dress in which you will be incomparable and stylish. Cross strips of fabric in the right places will help to hide certain flaws in the figure, due to which the silhouette becomes visually slimmer.


What can I wear with a bandage dress?

A special role in creating a unique look is played by accessories that must be used in a set with a bandage dress. This outfit looks best with shoes with heels or wedges - it can be either open sandals or closed shoes

The accessories used should definitely be in harmony with the color and style of the dress. Regardless of fashion trends, classic color combinations are always in demand and harmonious. So, for example, accessories of almost all colors are ideal for a black dress, but it should be remembered that bright and catchy handbags and shoes should not be used during an official reception or participation in a state celebration.

For a party in the summer, white bandage dresses are ideal, which can be supplemented with a golden or beige clutch, as well as beige sandals with small heels. A string of beads, a beautiful and stylish small handbag and discreet original earrings have always been and remain actual accessories to the outfit. A pearl thread, as well as bracelets of medium width, look harmoniously and stylishly with a bandage dress of almost any style and color.


Bandage dress care

Proper care of your bandage dress will help you maintain it. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, the outfit must be cleaned using special dry products, which is best done under dry cleaning conditions, however, if you decide to wash it yourself, the following factors must be taken into account:

* it is necessary to wash the dress by hand using mild detergents and in water at room temperature;
* the dress must be thoroughly rinsed and under no circumstances wrung out;
* it is necessary to dry it in a horizontal position, you can first wrap it in a towel;
* ironing temperature should not exceed 150 ° С. Remember that it is advisable to iron the dress from the wrong side.

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