Welcome to La Fraise Fashion affiliate program!

La Fraise Fashion is a fast growing online fashion store for women. We provide worldwide shipping and flexible returns.

Our brand is aimed at large-scale development and attracting new customers, which is why we decided to launch our affiliate program.

If you are:

✔ Blogger

✔ Influencer

✔ Have your own website

✔ Social media user

You can become our partner and ambassador


Share your personal referral link and get 5% from every purchase made through this link. 

For every 10 purchases made using your link, we will raise the commission rate up to 15%



✔ Commission: From 5% to 15%

✔ Free items for influencers (20K+ IG followers)

✔ 50% on our clothes for microinfluencers (3K+ IG followers)

✔ Personal account with the ability to track all purchases by your referral link and accrued comissions

✔ Convenient withdrawal system

✔ The minimum withdrawal amount is only $10

✔ Personal coupons for your followers




✔ Big collection of beautiful and fashionable clothes

✔ New arrivals every week

✔ Affordable price

✔ Premium quality

✔ Free shipping worldwide & easy return


*If you are influencer or microinfluencer, before joining the program, write us an email to lafraise.fashion@gmail.com so that we can consider your candidacy for additional bonuses (as free items or 50%off on our clothes depending on the size of the audience)



STEP1 (if applicable): If you are influencer (20K+ IG followers) or microinfluencer (3K+ IG followers) firstly send us an email to be considered for additional bonuses.

To be approved you must to meet our criteria:

✔ Fashion/Lifestyle page

✔ Beautiful original content that matches fashion theme

✔ Active blog presence and many posts

✔ Active and lively audience (we check for cheats)


STEP 2: Create an account lafraisefashion.goaffpro.com

You can also download app

STEP 3: Fill the form about yourself

STEP 4: Fill the payment details to withdraw funds

STEP 5: Get your referal link and coupon code for followers

STEP 6: Share link and coupon in your social media

STEP 7: Earn a commission every time someone makes a purchase using your link





Make sure the link you will be sharing is fully copied.  The commission will be charged automatically, only through this link.




We transfer commission via PayPal or Payoneer.

Make sure that you have filled in the payment details in your personal account.

The commission is charged automatically, immediately after the purchase made using your link.  You can view all charges in your personal account.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $10.  As soon as the amount reaches this figure, the funds will be available for withdrawal and will be transferred to the account you specified at the end of each calendar month.



We do not pay a commission for a purchase made through your referral link by you.  This is a significant violation of the rules and ideas of our program.  If we notice a coincidence in the contact details of the order with the details of the registered member of the affiliate program, we will cancel the commission.  Further violations will lead to account blocking.  If you want to make a purchase in our store, but want to save money, you can use the coupon generated in your personal account.

Commission is not charged if the buyer you invited did not follow your referral link.

We will also cancel the commission in the case that a buyer who comes through your link cancels the order.  Commission is charged only for completed purchase.



 Join/Sign in:  lafraisefashion.goaffpro.com